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PE-chambers SMALL + LARGE

PE-chambers SMALL + LARGE

  • Stable PE chamber, green color inspection friendly
  •  Standard design loadable after earth installation max. 1t wheel load, lid accessible max. 1500kg
  • Connecting tubes min. Ø 32 (feed, return flow) to weld the geothermal probes using electro-welding fittings
  • Heat pump connection min. Ø 32 to weld the tubes using electro-welding fittings
  • For extra charge: main shut-off valves on header pipe (chambers SMALL - up to 7 brine circuits / LARGE - 17 brine circuits), heat pump connections size reduction (chambers SMALL - up to 7 brine circuits / LARGE - 19 brine circuits)
  • Delivered with ready assembled manifolds
  • Tested load class: max. 1,1t wheel load / LARGE with concrete ring HGV-accessible

PE-chamber SMALL
2-8 probes: 


PE-chamber LARGE
2-20 probes:



Water immersion test


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