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geothermal system components
Technical accessories

Technical accessories

Compression Fittings; Electro-welding fittings; wall penetrations; Headpieces, ball valves, flowmeters


  • Spigot fitting made from PE 100 (32/32/40; 40/40/50) to use with E/F fittings
  • Sleeve arbour fitting made from PE 100

Isiflo-Sprint fittings

  • Coupler, elbows, tees, transition fittings
  • Application: Insert the pipe into the fitting with a slight twist.
    The result is a strong, firm and long-lasting connection in one simple move, requiring no tools.


  • Coupler, elbows, reducers, tee’s
  • Made in the EU, DVGW certified
  • on stock type Georg Fischer and Eurostandard

More fittings at a glance:

  • Pipe binder
  • Wall penetrations
  • Puddle flanges